ThirdStream Management Services

ThirdStream is a supplier of administrative services to donor-funded and academic organisations in Africa. What sets us apart is the knowledge and experience that we have gained from supporting more than 50 research entities within the faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Witwatersrand over the past 20-years. We leverage the expertise and experience that our staff have acquired to deliver services to our external clients, freeing them from the burden of time-consuming administrative tasks.

ThirdStream Information Technology Services

Information can be the most valuable resource to an organisation if it is complete, easily accessible & secure. If harnessed correctly, an organisation's information technology system can make a massive contribution towards improving efficiencies & productivity.

We always start by assessing what is already in place and how we may engineer it for better performance. Then we maintain it and support it so that it is the most stable, secure & reliable component in the organisation.

We offer a full scope of comprehensive and cost-effective IT solutions, including:

  • Software development and system implementation
  • Networking and connectivity
  • Managed services
  • Cloud-based IT solutions

ThirdStream Human Resource Management Services

A significant challenge for any organization is to manage its talent to its fullest capacity. ThirdStream Human Resource Management Services can assist in easing the pressures and imbalances in workplace environments by facilitating change, rightsizing, upskilling and deploying in other needed functional areas.

Our ThirdStream HR Management team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners aims to achieve win-win solutions for its clients by delivering costs-savings and enhanced employee wellness.

Our team has become a key player in the donor funded environment by providing support to divisions within the University of Witwatersrand. Now we are offering our services to organisations beyond the University. Commitment to service excellence and quick turnaround times are the traits that have established us as a reputable, value-adding partner.

We offer a full scope of HR services, working on once-off projects, monthly retainers or customised offerings.

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