Internal Audit

Robust internal checks and balances are in place to ensure that our business dealings are ethical and well managed from a financial and compliance perspective. Transparency and international standards and procedures are used to maintain and secure our reputation as a trusted organisation, affiliated to leading research academics and international donor organisations.

 We conduct internal audits to check grant administration, to ensure contract compliance, to verify assets, to improve controls and to assess compliance with policies and regulations. We also investigate any irregularities that are identified or reported. The internal audit function reports to WHC’s CEO as well as to the Chairman of the WHC Audit and Risk Committee.

In addition to our internal audit processes, WHC also uses the following auditing processes:

  • WHC is audited annually by PricewaterhouseCoopers.Inc
  • WHC has an internal audit function that is outsourced 
  • WHC employs Deloitte & Touche Inc to conduct audits required for Federal and other grants
  • Over 110 audits are conducted annually on Grant awards to ensure transparency and optimal management of donor funding, grants and corporate sponsorships