Good governance is a key characteristic that has helped WHC to establish a good reputation in the academic research arena and build trusted networks with leading researchers, donors and international funders. WHC follows the international governance codes and best practice of KING IV™.  Different aspects of good governance in our sector include health sciences protocols, grant stewardship, research ethics and clinical governance.


WHC operates in the healthcare and health sciences industry, assisting medical professionals, academic researchers and companies conducting clinical trials.

Grant Stewardship

WHC is a trusted steward of grants, donor funding and sponsorship given to finance clinical trials, medical research and healthcare services. We provide hands-on management, transparent reporting and internationally-recognised audits.

Research Ethics

WHC support our research entities to operate in line with all key guidelines and protocols relating to clinical trial submissions, human research ethical standards, standard operating procedures and Institutional reviews. We provide documents and processes to assist syndicates with all submission and compliance requirements. More information and a detailed list of forms and guidelines are available from our Research Ethics Committee Secretariat.

Clinical Governance
WHC has in-depth knowledge and experience of clinical governance requirements and can assist research entities and donors with a variety of documents, applications, forms, ethical protocols and support with regulatory approval and governance processes. We can also assist with site management operations, logistics and staffing to ensure astute management and good governance.