Financial Administration

Administering grants, managing funded projects, ensuring world-class financial management, delivering trusted financial reporting and ensuring regulatory compliance are important services that WHC provides to its syndicates.

Our Financial Administration team treats each project or syndicate as a stand-alone unit that can be ring-fenced and operated using a dedicated bank account. Specialist administrators assist with managing grants, allocating donor funding and overseeing commercially-funded projects for syndicates and projects. Tasks are tightly managed through well-established internal processes and financial administration is always conducted in line with the project scope and project plan as per the syndicate directors.

Internal and external audits are performed by reputable accounting firms, produced in line with sponsor requirements. Strong internal controls are put in place to mitigate risks and to manage deadlines and budgets. Also, to take care of any possible risks incurred, insurance can be taken out on projects to protect the interests of relevant parties.