Clinical Trials

WHC has established expertise in clinical trials, assisting with regulatory research support, protocol review applications, staffing and trial management. 

Clinical Research Support

WHC assists with clinical research support at a regulatory level and with protocol reviews needed to conduct research in hospitals. By tapping into our skills and knowledge base acquired since our inception almost two decades ago, WHC can tackle the often onerous and complex formalities associated with clinical research.


Clinical Trial Management

As leaders in clinical trial management, WHC assists with clinical research activities, site logistics, support, document storage and overall trial management. We provide all necessary support for client negotiations onsite to assess the feasibility of trials and to secure contract. Once approved, we can allocate study co-ordinators, clinical trial doctors and pharmaceutical support for onsite services. In addition to logistics and patient management, we can also conduct laboratory services, pathology, data capturing and reporting for donors and researchers.


Clinical Research Courses

Medical research involving human subjects is strictly controlled by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA); DOH and Ethics Committees. It is mandated that the research team be well versed with the International (ICH) and SA Good Clinical Practice guidelines. Each member of the team must be in possession of a valid, accredited GCP certificate.
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